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A New Way to Explore the World in the Age of Global Pandemics

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

When you were a kid you were probably like me. No, not short and fat (though maybe you were too).

You were curious, adventurous and in awe of the big world ahead of you.

Oh look - I can still see my student loan debt from up here.

You couldn’t wait to grow up and explore it all. Then something happened.

You grew up

Well sort of. You got taller at least. And then you found out that food just doesn’t magically appear.


So here you are. You still still want to explore but it isn’t that easy.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few there are limits to how much of the world you will traverse.

It’s a big world. And the cultures and peoples and natural wonders create depths such that even the most dedicated travelers will barely scratch the surface.

"Why are we the only people swimming in this river?"

So you schedule your once a year trip to somewhere new. You check out one or two big things a day and each day is a mad rush. You have to take advantage of every moment because you only have so many moments.

“This vacation is exhausting!”

Or maybe you focus on relaxing on a beach. And you’d like to explore more but you still need to unwind from your busy working life.

Then when its over you go back home and initially it’s nice to be home. But very soon a longing to continue exploring starts to call to you.

"If we go down this alley - we'll miss our flight home"

Again a lucky few can jump on a plane whenever they want but most of us have to prioritize.

And even those lucky few have limits

Some places are rich in history and natural wonder but depending on who you are, where you’re from, and what you look like, traveling there can be very dangerous. And some places are just naturally dangerous.

"Well you said you wanted to go somewhere hot!"

And a new danger, one which is spreading across the world as I write this, is pandemics. As immense as this world is COVID 19 managed to spread to almost every corner in a few months, accelerating every day. Experts say we’re going to experience more pandemics.

But something new is on the horizon.

A new age dawns

Imagine visiting the world from whatever device you have and with a live guide that you can talk to. And I mean talk to. Like with your lips moving and sounds coming out of your mouth.

Hello, it’s me Adele

From nature to culture to history and even highly interactive previews for future travel, everything opens up.

This is not meant to replace physical travel. There are things that you can’t appreciate without being there. Like food. Or heat. Or smell.

But this new type of exploration can give you a really meaningful experience.

It’s a new type of entertainment.

Exploration entertainment

The age of exploration entertainment is here and we’re just getting started. And it is filled with lots of opportunities for existing tourism businesses and also regular people like you and I.

You can become a digital guide

No matter where you live there are people who will find your particular spot on earth fascinating.

"Are those steps for giants?"

But it’s not just about a show and tell. This new age brings with it new ways to monetize. Some we understand, like tips which are shown to work, and some have untold promise that only the future will reveal. What is becoming clear is that the ability to easily explore distant lands will create opportunities on an enormous scale.

But theres another benefit.

A better world

Imagine what happens when humans from different lands talk to each other. In many cases for the first time ever.

Imagine what happens when Americans talk with Iranians, or when the English talk with the French. Not the politicians but everyday people. You, and me.

This new age will transform, for the better, the meaning of the word foreign. Or even replace it completely with Neighbor.

I can’t wait.


Anise Pepper - Marketing at

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